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About Phil Sills

Photograph of Phil Sills

The author’s professional career began shortly after graduation from the University of Miami when a college friend asked him to help get him some business for a fledgling video production company he was starting in New York’s Greenwich Village. Thinking that it might hold him over until he secured a permanent job, the author hit the streets looking for business. It didn’t take him long to realize that the ad agencies were where the majority of business was coming from and that in order to get in the door, he had to walk the walk and talk the talk. Fortunately, one thing led to another and soon he was bidding on jobs at the major agencies in the city. With more business they could handle the production company was on its way to becoming one of premier boutique film companies in New York and soon after which the author was invited to work his magic for a major Madison Avenue advertising agency where his role models were the infamous “Mad Men,” as seen in the recent television series. After an eight year roller-coast stint at the agency, the author sensing he needed a breather, moved to Boston where he joined an international  computer manufacturer as the Advertising and Marketing Manager.

Soon after which, the author settled down, met and married his soul mate, and was there in the operating room for the birth of their identical twin boys. The family then spent the next thirty years, ever enlarging their house on the coast, just south of Boston, until the boys finished graduate school. Once the boys were married and in homes of their own, the author and his wife moved to Florida where she is currently a college professor and he is free to write, cook, paint and fuss over a pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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